God’s Big Story transforming young lives

God’s Big Story transforming young lives

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Sports Ministry

Sports Ministry: The Details

Unpacking Ready Set Go

Scripture Union has been a valued member of the International Sports Coalition since we invested staff time and expertise into a global curriculum for the birth of KidsGames in 2000. In the past 16 years, Sports Ministry has continued to expand exponentially across the globe with a strong focus on multiplication in the process of making disciples in and through the world of sport and play.

Today, the vision, strategies and resources of the Sports Movement can be summarised by three words that describe the “race” of following Christ and making disciples in the world of sport and play:

  • READY is the process of gathering and envisioning people to make disciples for Christ.
  • SET prepares everyone to be a disciple maker.
  • GO gives us strategies to make disciples in the world of sport and play

The continually expanding library of open source resources (videos, PowerPoints, training documents, Music, graphics, templates, and more) have been loaded to the ReadySetGO website, and are available to download for free. These resources are currently available in 60 languages (2016)

Regardless of the age group with which we work, sport and play is the universal language. As disciple making is at the heart of the movement which we all serve, the resources and strategies of the Sports Movement match our heart beat. Opportunities exist for us to integrate much of this vision into our current and future ministries. Explore the website today and consider how the Holy Spirit may be prompting so as to strengthen, develop or extend our mission.

Get started in your area

Terry Williams, from the SU Global Team, is available to work with you to facilitate localised training in your context, to lead training workshops and events and to connect you with the Sports Ministry Network in your country.

Terry can be contacted at: terryw@su-international.org

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