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Bible guides

Since the beginning of SU Norway in 1886, the publishing of Bible guides has been our main ministry. For many years, we have produced Bible guides for three different age groups: Alfa Super for children, Connect for youth, and Logos for adults. For some years now, however, our subscription numbers have been decreasing, as has been the case with all printed publications in Norway. Facing this challenge, we are now in a process of moving into the digital world. The pilot of this project is Connect, which from 2018 is no longer a printed magazine, but an app for smart phones, not only with Bible guides, but also with a variety of other articles and resources. This is something unique in Norway, and we are proud to be the first Christian movement to do this. We are also excited that several other Christian organizations want to be our partners in this, and both use and recommend the app in their movements, and, contribute with new resources. In the time to come, we will take more steps into the digital world, and look forward to see what God has in store for us there.

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Chairperson: Frode Granerud

National Leader: Jorunn Sjaastad

Office Manager: Kenneth Davidhaugen

Bible Inspirer and Editor: Finn Olav Felipe Jössang

Bible Inspirer and Editor: Jorunn Elise S. Djupvik

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