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    • Jewels Camp

      The newest ministry at SU SA is a camp that’s just for girls. We call it Jewels, because it’s about discovering your value in God and that to God you are like a priceless jewel.

      In 2016 we held our first Jewels camp and it was a powerful time. Girls dealt with issues like sexuality, dating, relationships and self-esteem. We even had girls transition from our ‘Prisoner’s Kids’ Camp (kids who have a parent in prison) into Jewels camp. Some, for the first time ever, heard about how much God cares about them and experienced His love through an amazing team of female leaders. We look forward to seeing how Jewels can grow and impact more girls for Jesus.


    • Hauptsitz

      14 Adele Avenue
      Kidman Park
      South Australia 5025

      • Führung

        Vorsitzender: David Jenkinson

        Executive Director: Chris Battistuzzi

        Administration Coordinator: Leanne Wissell

      • Mitarbeiter der Zentrale

        Finance and Administration Assistant: Chris Jenkinson

        Youth Projects Coordinator: Hamilton McNicol

        Rural & Primary Age Projects Coord: Chris Battistuzzi

        Missions Coordinator: Julie Calvert

        Gen 180 (At Risk Kids) Coordinator: Cherith Harvey

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