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      This is not the first year that we have been holding a camp. Each summer when we start work with the youth, we can see local children.

      People from the village very rarely go to the city because of difficult circumstances or lack of money.  Living in our country we understand the importance of building relationships and showing that we are good friends and neighbours. This is the reason the SU team is holding this camp so that children can experience real children’s joy. But it’s not easy, not every family will let their children visit our Christian campsite.

      We are open to these people and they have started to trust us. They allow their children to come to us because we have shown them God’s love and our friendship.

      In 2016 a SU team visited the village school to run a program. All 200 children were so excited to see children from the city. God opened up a door for us. We are praying for these children and believe that one day they will visit our campsite and learn about Jesus Christ.


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      c / o Oksana Khimich
      Fond "Vidkryta Bibliya"
      a / s 007

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