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    • Programs

      SU has worked in Tasmania for over 50 years through camps, missions, school programs, resources and school chaplaincy services. We seek to provide resources and support to churches, schools and community groups, specific to the local context. We have a range of resources: for indoor and outdoor programs and events, school holiday programs and camps, and school or church-based programs for young people.

      Over the years, we have developed a number of age and gender-specific programs. Many of these are suitable for a school context as well as in the church and local community groups. One of these programs is ‘The Spirituality Toolbox’, which has been developed with the aim of developing Spiritual Health in schools. There is a version specifically for primary age and another for secondary students. It is also appropriate for church camps and other contexts.

      SU Tasmania is keen to introduce you to program materials as you work amongst the children and families in your community. We are happy to speak with you further about any of these resources and others that we can assist you with.

    • School Chaplaincy

      SU Tasmania pioneered the work of chaplaincy in Tasmanian state schools more than 20 years ago and we currently have chaplains in over 80 primary schools, secondary schools and senior secondary colleges in all regions of the state in both rural and urban areas.

      SU Tas chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support to school communities. They work with teachers to provide pastoral care for young people and help them find positive ways to deal with challenges faced at early stages of life. As one teacher says, “Chaplains are able to dig a little deeper than what we have time to do.” And one parent shares, “Our school’s chaplain is like a second parent when I’m not around.”

      Our chaplains are diverse – we come from different sectors of the community and represent all kinds of backgrounds and ages. In respect of training, SU Tas surpasses the minimum requirement by ensuring our chaplains are qualified or in training for at least a diploma in a relevant study area. All of our chaplains have a passion to improve the lives of young people and have the qualifications to make a difference.

    Détails du contact

    • Siège social

      23 Clarence Street
      Tasmania 7018

      • Leadership

        Président: Helen Ridley

        CEO: Chris Taylor

        Field & Resources Manager: Jenny Cowley

        Chef d'entreprise: David Clarke

        Communications Manager: Alan George

      • Personnel du siège social

        Chaplaincy Administrator: Kathy Schlenk

        Accounts Administrator: Yvonne Reynolds

      • Personnel régional

        Regional Coordinator – North Tasmania: Stephanie Sebastian

        Regional Coordinator – South Tasmania: Jonathan Lim

        Regional Coordinator – North West Tasmania: James Todd

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