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      SU Victoria has Chaplains and Schools programs in over 35 primary and secondary schools around Victoria. The SU Victoria Schools Team uses a community development framework to connect, build up and empower young people. We facilitate programs that encourage and empower students, improve wellbeing outcomes, and strengthen links between students, families, teachers and the broader community. There are approximately 150 volunteers engaged in these programs as well as employed chaplains.

    • Holiday Missions and Camps

      With 43 missions and camps and approximately 900 volunteers, SU Victoria is connecting with over 6,000 children, young people and families in popular holiday locations and local communities all around Victoria. Bible stories are shared and a safe space provided to build relationships and learn about Jesus. Each year we hear many stories of people of all ages being impacted as they experience God’s love and Good News.

      SU Victoria has been conducting Summer Camps at Camp Coolamatong for over 60 years. With volunteer leaders and exciting activities including sailing, archery and abseiling, campers experience a memorable and significant time of living in Christian community.

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      Protestant 27.4%, catholique 25.8%, orthodoxe oriental 2.7%, autre chrétien 7.9%, bouddhiste 2.1%, musulman 1.7%, autre 2.4%, non spécifié 11.3%, aucun 18.7%

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