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Ministry snapshots from Australia (Western Australia)

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Contact Details

Scripture Union Western Australia

7 Irvine Street
Western Australia 6053

Tel: +61 8 9371 9100
Fax: +61 8 9371 9200

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Chairperson: Chris Dallin

State Director: Kent Morgan

Communications & Resources: Lester Sutton

Ministry Leadership: Joyce Arnott

Ministry Support: Elena Holmes

Ministry Catalysts: Taylor Cowper and Sally Howe

Ministry Development and Innovation: Caleb Simmons

People and Leadership Development (and Internships Coordinator): Elena Holmes

Community Missions Coordinator: Paul Edwards

Camps Coordinator: Joyce Arnott

Holiday Camps Assistant: Daniel Rodin

Arts Coordinator: Bonnie Hughes

School Camping Coordinator: Mike Bezant

School Camping Fieldworker: Lauren McLean

Schools Coordinator: Daniel Rodin

Veta Youth Ministry: Taylor Cowper and Tammara Carter

Camp Geographe Managers: Dianne & Chris Abbott

Income and Development: Dushan Jeyabalan

Administrative Assistant: Anjali Vasikaran

Finance Officer: Ray Halse

Communications Assistant: Mike Arnott

Equipment Officer: Brodie Sutton

Project Officer (Database): Len Lawrence

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All about Australia (Western Australia)

  • Population


  • Religion

    Protestant 27.4%, Catholic 25.8%, Eastern Orthodox 2.7%, Other Christian 7.9%, Buddhist 2.1%, Muslim 1.7%, Other 2.4%, Unspecified 11.3%, None 18.7%

  • Population under 15


  • Official language