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Ministry snapshots from Korea

Scripture Union Korea has traditionally concentrated on Bible ministry with many Bible Guides produced and many bible groups meeting all over the country.

It started its mission 150 years ago. The next-generation is necessary and important. While the culture and situation were changed in this age, it is still unchanged that the next-generation needs to be loved and concerned. Plus, telling them the Good News is significantly worthy. Scripture Union walks with two legs. However, Scripture Union in Korea walks with only one leg, the Bible engagement. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that the pioneers in 1970s let Scripture Union in Korea focus on the Bible reading ministry considering spiritual lives at that time. However, we cannot walk with one leg anymore. Scripture Union in Korea has to walk with two legs. We want to strengthen the children and youth ministry. To accomplish this, we will have staff specialized on children evangelism and let them focus on that work. In addition, we are going to build a team for the work development to make materials for the next generation's mission work and itself. We are willing to co-work with other Christian organizations for the children ministry. Children are our journey to go and our dream. No children’s ministry, no future in Korean churches and Korea. From now on, Scripture Union in Korea will walk with both legs. Please pray for our mission. Thank you.

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Contact Details

Scripture Union Korea

National Office
Mission Centre 144
Songpadong, Songpagu,
Seoul 138-852
South Korea

Postal Address
Songpa PO Box 134

Tel: + 82-70-7882-5518
Mob: +82-10-5650-2254

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  • Email


Chairperson: Mr Seong-Ho Kim

Treasurer: Mr Hyun-gui Choi

Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Auditor: Ms Jeong-sup Park

Auditor: Mr Gwang-hyuck Park

National Director: Ms Ju-Ryun Kim

Planning Coordinator: Mr Jeong-kyung Kim

Office Staff: Ms Bo-ra Yoo

Accountant: Ms Kwang-hee Park

Accountant: Ms Jee-yeon Choi

Accountant: Mr Gyo-young Bae

Director: Rev. Mee-Yeol Yoo

Staff Worker (Youth): Rev. Dong-jin Park

Staff Worker (Children): Ms Hye-won Jung

Office Staff: Ms Seong-hye Kim

Chief of the Overseas Ministry: Byounghun Hwang

Director: Ms Ju-ryun Kim

Bookstore Sales: Mr Hee-won Yang

Bookstore Sales: Mr Jeon-won Kang

Subscriptions: Mr John Ko

Subscriptions: Ms Ye-jin Lee

Subscriptions: Ms Hye-kyung kim

Subscriptions: Mr Hwan-hyuck Jeong

Chief of Dispatch: Mr Yong-jae Chun

Dispatch: Mr Seong-jun Chang

Dispatch: Mr Dae-hyeon Park

Sales Management: Ms Hee-hyeon Cho

Sales Management: Ms Hyun-joo Han

Data Processing: Mr Jeong-jun Ahn

Chief Editor: Vacant

Editor: Mr Yeong-jun Choi

Editor: Rev. Yong-seok Lee

Editor: Rev. Dong-yeol Lee

Editor: Rev. Byung-hoon Hwang

Editor: Rev. Woo-bin Kim

Editor: Rev. Seo-jin Chun

Designer: Ms Ye-jin Ahn

Designer: Ms Hyun-jung Kim

Designer: Ms Jeong-in Moon

Production: Mr Min-Kweon Jeong

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Metropolitan Area


70 (Dangu Dong)
Chunmaebonggil, Won Ju City
Gangwon, 26483


Area Coordinator: Rev. Seong-jong Ahn

Coordinator: Rev. Jun-ho Lee

Office Staff: Ms Hee-ju Son

Seoul North

3F #301, Deukreungro 88
Gangbuk Gu
Seoul 01128

Tel:+82 2 982 1226
Fax: +82 2 946 1191


Area Coordinator: Rev. Seong-jong Ahn

Coordinator: Rev. Dae-ro Kim

Office Staff: Ms Eun-kyeong Kim

Seoul North-West

#B01 Samsungsangga 2Dong
10 Jungrimro
Jung-Gu Seoul, 04502

Tel: +82 2 307 9363


Area Coordinator: Rev. Seong-jong Ahn

Coordinator: Rev. Seong-jong Ahn

Office Staff: Ms Hee-ju Son

Seoul South

#102 14 Sinbanporo 41gil
Seoul 06532

Tel/Fax: +82 2 582 4184


Area Coordinator: Rev. Seong-jong Ahn

Coordinator: Vacant

Office Staff: Ms Seo-yeon Lee

Seoul West

#401 Hanseung Bldg.
8 Dorimro 41gil
Seoul, 07413

Tel: +82 2 2613 4800
Fax: +82 2 2613 4807


Area Coordinator: Rev. Seong-jong Ahn

Coordinator: Rev. Ju-ho Tak

Office Staff: Mr Shin-ae Park

South Eastern Area


3F 964
Busanjin-Gu Busan, 47216

Tel/Fax: +82 5 1761 4532


Area Coordinator: Rev. Man-sik Min

Coordinator: Vacant

Office Staff: Ms Hyun-a Ahn


#1314 1834 Dalguberldaero
Daegu, 42661

Tel: +82 5 3622 7872
Fax: +82 5 3629 7144


Area Coordinator: Rev. Man-sik Min

Coordinator: Ms Jeong-hee Kim

Office Staff: Ms Hye-young Park

Special Task staff (Educational University Ministry): Rev. Jong-won Do



Area Coordinator: Rev. Man-sik Min

Coordinator: Rev. Man-sik Min

Office Staff: Ms Min-hwa Park


1F, 14 Moonhawuigeori (Oggyo Dong),
Ulsan City, 44530


Area Coordinator: Rev. Man-sik Min

Coordinator: Vacant

Office Staff: Vacant

Sabbatical Year (Research): Rev. Jeong-dong Han

On leave (for studying):  Rev. Tae-wook Kim

South Western Area


7 (Oryu Dong)
Gyeryoungro 830bunangil
Daejeon, 34904

Tel: +82 4 2534 6067
Fax: +82 4 2534 6068


Area Coordinator: Rev. Sung-tae Seo

Coordinator: Rev. Sung-Tae Seo

Office Staff: Ms Myung-hee Park


3F, 26-1
Hwawoonro 156bungil,
Gwangju, 61979

Tel/Fax: +82 6 2224 9255


Area Coordinator: Rev. Sung-tae Seo

Coordinator: Rev. Hyung-kook Oh

Office Staff: Ms Seon-kyeong Song


2F 18-1 Hyodong3gil
Wasan-Gu Jeonju City
Jeonbuk, 55094

Tel/Fax: +82 6 3286 3857


Area Coordinator: Rev. Sung-tae Seo

Coordinator: Rev. Hee-Jung Park

Office Staff: Ms Tae-soo Yang

Special Task Staff: Ms Mi-yong Kim


3F Moon Surgery (Haeng Dong)
6 Honamgil
Suncheon, Jeonnam, 57941

Tel: +82 6 1755 0365


Area Coordinator: Rev. Sung-tae Seo

Coordinator: Rev. Soo-young Cho

Office Staff: Ms Mi-youn Lee

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