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      SU has worked in the Northern Territory for over 55 years through camps, outreach, school programs, training and resourcing. We seek to partner with and support local churches in making the Good News about Jesus known to all.

      Over the years, the ministry has changed and adapted with different leadership. While our methods for presenting the gospel, and encouraging bible engagement have and will continue to change, our aims and values haven’t. We still want to remain reliant on God, and be volunteer lead across denominations. We still want to train and equip people for enduring and life-long ministry.

      SU Northern Territory look forward to partnering with many of you as we continue to not only exist, but also as we grow.

    • Schools ministry

      Scripture Union NT (SU NT) is involved in facilitating God’s Word to children in primary schools through Religious Education (RE), that is non-compulsory Christian education in public schools. Currently, there are around 1500 students that have access to some form of RE in the city of Darwin, some weekly and others once a term.

      Scripture Union NT supports volunteers by providing training, mentoring and resources for them to use in the classroom. SU NT also work alongside churches to encourage them to take up this ministry opportunity and use it as an outreach for their communities. SU NT is involved in liaising with school leadership and the Department of Education.

      Scripture Union NT workers based in Darwin are active in classrooms, teaching in a number of schools or leading teams of teachers.

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