Around the world in Australia (Western Australia)


Ministry Areas

  • Bible Ministries
  • Camps / Holidays
  • Children & Youth Ministry Training
  • Community Missions
  • Holiday Activities
  • Leadership Development
  • Neighbourhood Clubs
  • Other Ministry Resources
  • School Seminars and Theatre
  • Special Needs Support
  • Values Education
  • Work with those 'at risk'
  • Contact Details

    • 7 Irvine Street
      Western Australia 6053

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Chris Dallin

        State Director: Kent Morgan

        Communications & Resources: Lester Sutton

        Ministry Leadership: Joyce Arnott

        Ministry Support: Elena Holmes

      • Programs Staff

        Ministry Catalysts: Taylor Cowper and Sally Howe

        Ministry Development and Innovation: Caleb Simmons

        People and Leadership Development (and Internships Coordinator): Elena Holmes

        Community Missions Coordinator: Paul Edwards

        Camps Coordinator: Joyce Arnott

        Holiday Camps Assistant: Daniel Rodin

        Arts Coordinator: Bonnie Hughes

        School Camping Coordinator: Mike Bezant

        School Camping Fieldworker: Lauren McLean

        Schools Coordinator: Daniel Rodin

        Veta Youth Ministry: Taylor Cowper and Tammara Carter

        Camp Geographe Managers: Dianne & Chris Abbott

      • Office Team

        Income and Development: Dushan Jeyabalan

        Administrative Assistant: Anjali Vasikaran

        Finance Officer: Ray Halse

        Communications Assistant: Mike Arnott

        Equipment Officer: Brodie Sutton

        Project Officer (Database): Len Lawrence

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    • Population


    • Religions

      Protestant 27.4%, Catholic 25.8%, Eastern Orthodox 2.7%, Other Christian 7.9%, Buddhist 2.1%, Muslim 1.7%, Other 2.4%, Unspecified 11.3%, None 18.7%

    • Population under 15


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