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Pray for SU Pakistan and those family and friends affected by the attack on the church in Quetta
Send in your photos of Scripture Union activities to feature in our global posts on social media
Pray for Scripture Union leaders as they plan for the future following the Global Assembly

#150SUStories: 150 photos over 150 days

Our first social media campaign starts this summer and will run from
31 July to 27 December 2017 for the last five months of our anniversary year over 150 days.

We’ll be posting one image every day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to highlight the amazing work of our volunteers and teams around the world and the impact they are having on transforming children’s lives.

A picture paints a thousand words...

Each of the images posted on social media will appear here and will be taken from photos from camps, celebrations and sports activities as well as images from the past 150 years of SU. Anyone can join in our campaign and spread the news about Scripture Union by sharing our posts with friends and sending us photos to post during the 150 days of the campaign. We’ll be using the hashtag: #150SUstories

Why not follow us on Twitter: @SUnionglobal and Instagram: scriptureunionglobal. And ‘like’ us on Facebook: Scripture Union International.

Scripture Union Global

Scripture Union Global