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A day in the life of SU

On Monday 31 July we asked Scripture Union teams across the world to capture a snapshot of their activities with children and young people. Images from these 'Day in the life of SU' photographs will be displayed in our online gallery below.

Your stories in pictures

A Day in the Life of SU is a photo challenge for every Scripture Union movement across the world to join in. We're hoping to capture what SU global ministry looks like in 2017.

If you have photographs to send in please choose three or four of your best images which help tell the story of SU ministry where you are. Photographs should each be about 1mb in size and in jpeg format, supplied with the name of the SU movement, a contact name, email and about 150 words on what the picture is about. They should be emailed to su150@scriptureunion.global.

A selection of the images sent in from around the world will appear below over the coming weeks.

Scripture Union Global

Scripture Union Global