with Scripture Union Solomon Islands

Just £50 could provide 10 additional Bibles

Although the Solomon Islands is largely a Christian country with 95% of its population professing to be Christians, social problems in many communities have been escalating. Young people are particularly affected with widespread problems including aimlessness, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy and illiteracy.

Seeking to respond to the needs of these young people, Scripture Union in the Solomon Islands is passionate about the younger generation coming to know God and becoming lifelong disciples.

Partnering with schools, churches, communities, government and individuals they aim to distribute Bibles to hundreds of young people, helping them to read God's word for themselves and in turn see the difference God can make in their lives.

Along with expanding and developing their ministries with young people in schools, their aim is to distribute the 3,000 Bibles to all Scripture Union clubs in the schools in every province. Scripture Union Solomon Islands believes this will give them access to God’s word and also encourage them to read it.