Resources for Global Week of Prayer

We've talked to people in various Scripture Union Movements and asked them to give us a picture of what is happening where they are and how we can pray for them ...

Day 1: A Restricted Country

Forbidden faith blossoms in secret - click here to read more

Day 2: Countries threatened by new political situations or changing societies

Daniel Karanu, Deputy Director of Programmes for Scripture Union Kenya talks about the current challenges they are facing with their ministry in schools - you can listen to this below or download the mp3 here.

Scripture Union ACT, Australia:

Please pray that the ACT government will change its mind, and will continue to allow chaplains in government schools in our nation's capital. Please pray too for the chaplains, that they keep focussed on God and serving their school communities.

Click here for further background on this prayer request.

Day 3: Financial challenges

Opportunities for Scripture Union Ethiopia - click here to read more

Day 4: Post Christendom

Andy Bathgate on Scripture Union ministry in Scotland

Day 5: Scripture Union International's global ministry

Emmanuel Todjo on ministry in Francophone Africa