Стражи Анкора

a world-class digital game-app

Guardians of Ancora offers an amazing virtual world that 6 to 11 year-olds can enter, and a place where the Bible stories come alive: it is created to be an environment where it is easy for faith to thrive. The app is free to download and play for mobile devices. There are no pay-walls, adverts or in-app purchases. Free means free!


Created by Scripture Union (England and Wales), the vision is that, by 2020, 20 million children worldwide will have daily opportunities to discover Jesus and engage with the Bible through Стражи Анкора. It is more than a simple app: players live the incredible adventures of the Bible, as they run, jump and explore their way around biblical locations. There are features for creative responses, praying, reading and listening to the Bible, watching videos, playing quizzes and reflecting on the meaning of stories of Jesus.

The name comes from the Latin word 'ancora', meaning 'anchor'. It is an ancient word, going back through Latin and Greek to the era of the Hittites! A secondary meaning for 'ancora' is 'support' or, sometimes, 'hope'. The name brings these positive qualities to the game and to the city of Ancora, where players are introduced to positive Biblical themes and values.

All SU global Movements are warmly invited to be part of that vision by encouraging children in their region to play the app and by using it in their mission and ministry activity. A global movement can be a ‘language localisation partner’ and work with SUEW to have the app in your own language; or an ‘English-speaking partner’ where you will use the app in English, while having access to resources and information from SUEW.

If you would like to know more about being a Стражи Анкораpartner, contact Maggie Barfield, the SUEW Ancora Mission Leader: [email protected]

For more information, click on the links below:

England and Wales (English-speaking) www.guardiansofancora.com

England and Wales (Welsh-speaking) www.arwyrancora.com

США www.guardiansofancora.org

Южная Африка www.guardiansofancora.org.za

Канада www.guardiansofancora.com

Соломоновы острова www.guardiansofancora.com

южный Судан southsudan.guardiansofancora.com/

Руанда rwanda.guardiansofancora.com

Republic of Ireland www.guardiansofancora.com

Новая Зеландия www.guardiansofancora.com

Гана ghana.guardiansofancora.com/

Намибия www.guardiansofancora.com

Кения kenya.guardiansofancora.com/

Малави malawi.guardiansofancora.com/

Ботсвана botswana.guardiansofancora.com/

Тринидад и Тобаго tt.guardiansofancora.com/

Australia not yet live

Other English-speaking countries www.guardiansofancora.com

Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries www.guardioesdaancora.com

Spanish-speaking countries not yet live

Kosova and Albanian-speaking countries www.rojetngaankora.net

Сербия www.cuvariankore.com

Zulu: use www.guardiansofancora.org.za