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Domaines ministériels

  • Librairies
  • Camps / Vacances
  • Capacity Development for Children’s Workers
  • Chaplaincy
  • Conference of Sunday School Teachers (COSST)
  • Ministère de la famille
  • Éducation sur les compétences de la vie
  • Program for Pastoral Instruction (PPI)
  • Ministère des écoles
  • Scripture Engagement & Materials Development Ministry (SE&MD)
  • Vocational Bible Schools
  • Instantanés du ministère

    • Ministère des enfants

      We believe that all children in Kenya should have the opportunity to hear, respond to, grow and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Children in the 4-14 years age bracket represent 43% of the Kenyan population. SU Kenya facilitate programs which include: teaching biblical truths in a child-friendly manner; values education; and life-skills to help the children know God (evangelism), grow in God (discipleship), and serve God (missions) in their schools, families and communities.

      Our engagement with children includes Bible Clubs, where school children come together to learn, share and put into practice biblical values and principles in a fun and interactive manner. Every school term, our staff organise Interschool Rallies where children have opportunities to showcase the truths learned in the Bible clubs.

      Holiday Camps are fun-filled holiday activities where children are equipped with spiritual truths and social skills to help them make informed decisions and choices in life.

      The Program for Pastoral Instruction (PPI) is a pastoral program for children in primary schools. It is designed to help children Know God, Grow in God and Serve God. It’s allowed by the government and is embedded in the school calendar. Every child in every school has the opportunity to participate with trained teachers and Christians facilitating this program.

    • Capacity Development

      Working with churches, SU Kenya equip teachers, children workers and volunteers in schools and churches to communicate the Word of God in an age-appropriate manner. Sunday School resource materials, such as the ‘Ivangeli’ series are also provided.

      In partnership with Children’s Ministry pastors and Sunday School teachers in various churches, we have developed a curriculum and a training manual to train and build capacity for Sunday School teachers in Kenya.

      The Annual Conference for Sunday School Teachers (COSST) is an annual conference, which commenced in December 2016, bringing together Children’s Ministry Pastors, workers and teachers to network, share ideas and challenge one another to excel in Children’s Ministry. We are thankful to God us for this great time of ministry and equipping.

    Détails du contact

    • Siège social

      P.O. Box 40717
      00100 Nairobi GPO

      • National Governing Council Officials

        Président: Dr Reuben Nzuki

        Honorary Secretary: Nancy Kahuthia

        Trésorier honoraire: Joe Gichuki

        Conseiller juridique: Stephen Kiptinness

        Directeur national: Nancy Kahuthia

        SU Christian Book Centres Board Chairman: Fred Kinyua

      • Deputy Directors

        Deputy Director Programs: Daniel Karanu

        Deputy Director Finance & Support Services: Hesborn Omondi

        Deputy Director Business and Funds Development: Vacant

        SU Christian Book Centres General Manager: Vacant

      • National Coordinators

        National Coordinator – Children & Youth Ministry: Paul Muoki

        National Coordinator – Scripture Engagement: Joyce Mwangi Gathere

        National Coordinator – Family Ministry: Pastor David Chiko

      • Regional Coordinators

        Central Region: Joyce Mwangi

        Coast Region Pastor: David Chiko

        Metropolitan Region: Paul Muoki

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      Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, Muslim 10%, Indigenous Beliefs 10%, Other 2%

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