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    • Light at Sunset

      Light at Sunset is a program to cater for those over 60 years – encouraging them to read the Word of God. It consists of support to meet the cognitive and spiritual needs of people in the Third Age – through group activities. By 2020 there will be almost as many seniors as children in Chile, so it is urgent to work to achieve healthy aging people. We encourage these people to have a daily encounter with God through prayer and Bible reading – helping them to reach spiritual maturity and become faithful members of his church and servants in a world in need.

    • Profamily

      Profamily is a program that helps children, adolescents and their families to meet their behavioral problems and learning.

      There are professionals, psychologists, educational psychologists and speech therapists in four centres, who care for children and teens from schools.  The program has been very well received by schools, churches and families. Our goal is to promote schooling to prevent drug addiction, delinquency and early pregnancy, as well as other social problems. We share about the hope God offers us through His Word, and the timely and diligent support has enabled us to become a real instrument of the Kingdom of God.

    Detalles de contacto

    • Oficina central

      Av Salvador 757

      • Liderazgo

        Presidente: Enrique Gutiérrez

        Secretaria: Margarita Perez

        Tesorero: Luisa Zambrano

        Director Nacional: Paulina Barrera

        Secretaria Contador: Ana Lopez

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