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    In 2017 SU Sri Lanka, with great pride, celebrated 50 years of ministry. Our mission to ‘help children meet with Jesus’ comprises Scripture lessons for children aged 5-18 in 26 schools. SU Sri Lanka works closely with churches to conduct Vacation Bible Studies. Four residential camps are also held annually for children from diverse ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. The partnership of SU Sri Lanka with schools and churches helps to foster interfaith communal harmony in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country.
    Sri Lanka is slowly recovering from the ravages of a brutal 30-year ethnic war. This has resulted in a significant section of young people being physically, mentally, and emotionally deprived of a stable childhood and adolescence. Apart from the formal educational sector, SU Sri Lanka has responded meaningfully to provide these deprived youth with a ray of hope through the assurances from the Word of God. SU does this by conducting programs for visually and hearing-impaired children, those abused due to broken families and for the orphaned and teenage girls saddled with unwanted pregnancies.

    SU’s resource base is comprised of three full-time workers and 40 volunteers who shoulder the responsibility of planting the Word of God in the lives of these deprived people

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  • Oficina central

    Unión Bíblica Sri Lanka
    Iglesia Bautista Cinnamon Garden
    Edificio DPS, No 120
    Dharmapala Mawatha
    Colombo 07
    Sri Lanka

    • Liderazgo

      Presidente: Sr. Prince Nayagam

      Secretario general: Sr. Jeevakumaran Chandrasekera

    • Personal

      Secretario de Administración: Manori Peiris

      Personal de campo (Ministerio tamil): Timothy Nagendra

      Personal de campo (tiempo parcial): Asha Fernando

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    Budista 69.1%, musulmán 7.6%, hindú 7.1%, cristiano 6.2%, 10% no especificado

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