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Instantáneas del ministerio

  • Descripción general

    Scripture Union Korea was the first mission organisation to introduce Quiet Time to Korean Churches in 1972. Since then, SU Korea has concentrated on a Bible Engagement Ministry to help people meet with God daily through the bible and prayer. Consequently, SU Korea currently publishes ten types of Quiet Time notes for all ages and is leading many bible groups throughout the country.

    However, the Bible Engagement Ministry is not the only mission carried out by SU Korea. SU Korea also runs many children’s, youths’ and young adults’ camps as well as many seminars and conferences for church leaders throughout the year. In this way, SU Korea is helping to strengthen Korean churches and bring up leaders of the next generation.

    SU Korea intends to carry on its ministries for the glory of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, alongside other SU Movements all over the world, with the vision of “renewing churches and families through the word of God, and helping people of all ages to grow in Christian maturity and become both committed church members and servants of a world in need.”

Detalles de contacto

  • Oficina central

    Oficina Nacional
    Mission Centre 144
    Ogeum-ro 22gil 13, Songpa-gu
    Seoul 05663
    República de Corea

    Direccion postal
    Songpa PO Box 134
    República de Corea

    • Liderazgo

      Presidente: Jongyeol Ra

      Vicepresidente: Hanyoung An

      Auditor: Jungguk Kim

      Auditor: Jungho Yoon

    • Oficina Nacional

      Director Nacional: Juryun Kim

    • Administration Department

      Heads of Department: Jongkyoung Kim, Minkwan Jung

      Treasurers: Kwanghee Park, Jiyeon Choi, Hyunjung Kim

      DB Team: Jungjun An, Eunsuk Oh

    • Publishing Department

      Head of Department: Daero Kim

      Editores: Yongsuk Lee, Byoungsoon Kim, Woobin Kim, Dongyeol Lee, Seojin Chun, Jusang Park

      Visiting Editors: Kyounghae Han, Jaesuk Seo

      Designers: Henjung Kim, Jungin Moon, Haewon Jo

      Relaciones públicas: Yongjae Chun, Heewon Yang, Sungwoo Choi

      Ordering Services: Yohan Ko, Yejin Lee, Sonhee Ju, Sungjun Hu

      Shipping Services: Heeyeon Jo, Hwanhuk Jung, Haekyoung Kim, Hyungmin Kim, Misuk Sung, Hyunho Shin

    • Contents Planning Department

      Head of Department: Byounghun Hwang

      Fundraising: Bora Yoo

      Media Team: Yongsuk Lee, Hansu Ji

    • Departamento de Ministerio

      Heads of Department: Sooyong Jo, Gyoyoung Bae

      Youth Worker: Dongjin Park

      University Worker: Taein Yoo

    • Personal de campo

      Gangwon Province: Junho Lee, Nanyoun Jun

      North Seoul: Vacancy, Eunkyoun Kim

      West Seoul: Hyunwook Shin, Yoonjun Lee

      South Seoul: Hyunchul Kim, Seoyen Lee

      Daejeon City: Sungtae Seo, Bitna Kim

      Gwangju City: Sangbeom Lee, Eunyoung Lee

      North Jeolla Province: Sangdom Kim, Taesoo Yang

      Suncheon City: Dongju Kim, Soohyun Park

      Daegu City: Donghwi Kim, Heoyoung Park

      Busan City: Jongwon Dho, Sunhwa Park

      Ulsan City: Jongkwon Bae, Jieun Yang

      South Gyeongsang Province: Donghwa Kim, Minhwa Park

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