По всему миру в Ирландия (Республика)


Области служения

  • Authentic Youth Secondary School Retreat Team
  • Лагеря / Праздники
  • Christian Retreat and Adventure Centre
  • Стажировки
  • Интернет-ресурсы
  • Школьное служение
  • Снимки министерства

    • Main Ministry

      Scripture Union Ireland is a movement that consists of approximately 12 staff and 300 volunteers. Our vision is to support churches, parishes and partners to be missional in their area. Our field ministries team facilitate work with young people in schools, youth clubs and through retreats and camps at our retreat centre Ovoca Manor where we also facilitate Christian conferences, youth groups. Our resources team develop distribute world class resources such as NUA & NUA:Origins which are used in Schools, youth clubs and churches all over Ireland and all over the world.

    Контактная информация

    • Ovoca Manor

      Co. Wicklow
      Y14 TE27

      Тел .: +353 1 286 9098
      Моб: +353 4023 5369

      • Лидерство

        Председатель: Dirk van der Flier

        Национальный лидер: Gareth Lynch

        Leadership team: Gareth Lynch

        Leadership team: Jonny Somerville

        Leadership team: Darren Bourke

        Leadership team: Sharon Lynch

      • Field Ministry Team

        Field Ministries Leader (inc. Camps and Schools): Darren Bourke

        FM Ministry Support Worker: Mark Murray

        FM Ministry Support Worker: Sarah Campbell

      • Resources & Communications Team

        Resources & Communication Leader (inc. NUA and NUA: Origins): Jonny Somerville

        Resources Support: Sharon Lynch

        Church Relations Officer: Jim Donnan

      • Administrators

        SU Administrator/Finances: Shiromi Liyanage

        Field Ministries Administrator: Andrew Wynne

        Vetting & Volunteer Administrator: Erica Anderson

      • Ovoca Manor Operations Team

        Ovoca Manor Operations: Sharon Lynch

        Centre Assistant: Mark Browne

        Accommodation Assistant: Linda Murphy

        Catering: Catherine Wheatley

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    All about Ирландия

    • Население


    • Религии

      Roman Catholic 87.4%, Church of Ireland 2.9%, Other Christian 1.9%, Other 2.1%, Unspecified 1.5%, None 4.2%

    • Население до 15 лет


    • Официальные языки

      English and Gaelic