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      In the light of national emergencies like the prevailing drought and electricity challenges, SU centres nationally are finding ways of transforming bad habits into life-giving initiatives.

      As good stewards of God’s creation, Christians need to be at the forefront of putting sustainable environmental solutions into place. Each of our regional offices, youth centres, campsites and bookshops need to be community leading examples of aspects like water saving, recycling and energy-saving.

      The SU IT Team developed a successful rain-harvesting project at 83 Campground Road, Rondebosch. This system uses stored rain water to provide toilet flushing and basin water. Investing now in infrastructure for the future will help in the long run – and it’s the right thing to do.

      Join us as we live out our witness to those around us – and let’s include young people in the planning and implementing of these projects.

      Under the banner of one of SU’s key donors (The Mergon Foundation), SU is making concerted efforts to partner more effectively with fellow ministry organisations and churches.

      SU Operations Director, Alan Pitt, was fortunate to visit the ministry of Kingdom DNA in terms of their sports outreach at Khayamandi (Stellenbosch), using the base of Kuyasa for their venue. Under the leadership of Casper Steenkamp, this outreach involves a focus on tennis and a broader lifeskills and discipling component.

      Using portable nets with marked lines on a tarmac, Casper and his team of volunteers smartly set up their courts and engage the various age groups in some rousing tennis, having opened in prayer and a brief devotion.

      SU’s ministry will enriched in years to come through contact and mutual support with individuals like Casper and their passion for reaching the young people of our country. Thank you to The Mergon Foundation for encouraging active partnering – it is paying dividends!

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