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    • Bible Quiz Competition Program

      In collaboration with World Vision, SU South Sudan has introduced a Bible Quiz competition program for secondary schools. The aim is to encourage children and young people to read and study the Bible. Ten students from each school take part by answering 100 questions and the winners at each school receive awards. The winners from all the schools in a town also compete and the winners compete against each other in the town where SU South Sudan operates. So far  competitions have been run in secondary and basic schools in Juba and Kuajok towns.

      This program is appreciated by both teachers and students. One participant said, “My name is Rebecca Ayen. I am very grateful and diligent about the Bible reading competition. It has encouraged and motivated us youths in general, in the town of Kuajok. I think the Bible reading will help boost our minds in reading the Bible and understanding it. It also makes us to want to know much more about the Bible and how it will change the negative way we think and act. As for me it has enabled me to overcome my temptations as a student.”

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      c/o ACROSS
      PO Box 132
      южный Судан

      Тел .: +211 956 406 241

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        National Committee Chairperson: Alex Bolek Abuk

        Национальный директор: Manase Woja Alfred

        Почетный казначей: Bambu Duku

        Секретарь: Lobung Rubena

        Член: Charles Ramadan

        Член: Antony Jamu

        Член: Elia Samuel

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