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    • LEGO City

      The project “LEGO City” can be booked by churches, evangelical churches or individuals.

      A staff member of SU Switzerland leads the event together with members of the local church. In seven to nine working hours children build a city with a castle, a skyscraper, a church, a railway station, a football stadium and many other buildings (to fifteen metres) – up to forty children can participate.

      During the breaks, children are taken into the world of the Bible. They discover that the Biblical stories have a connection with their lives and that God wants to meet them through Jesus.

      The building phase is finalised with an opening event. Depending on the church we also perform a common service. Children can invite their parents, friends and relatives to the preview.

      LEGO City creates new encounters, especially for children and their parents without any connections to church. The project promotes social behaviour and children’s creativity.

    • :b live

      :b live is an educational journey with young people. The programme is designed for 13 to 17 year olds and is suitable for groups of 15 – 30 participants.

      :b live can be booked for as little as 3 hours or up to several days.

      We encounter situations and questions from everyday life and experience how they are connected with stories and statements from the Bible. We play, laugh, listen, think, ask and discuss. Participants discover that through living with God and the Bible, everyday life becomes something very special.

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