По всему миру в Эсватини (ранее Свазиленд)


Области служения

  • Библейские служения
  • Министерство телерадиовещания
  • Лагеря / Праздники
  • Обучение детей и молодежи
  • Активный отдых
  • Школьное служение
  • Министерство спорта
  • Ценности Образование
  • Снимки министерства

    • General Activities

      SU Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) engages in various activities including: the Production and Distribution of Bible Reading Material in churches and schools, Holiday Bible Clubs, Camps for youth and children, Community Rallies, School Assembly Outreaches, Establishment of weekly in-school and Community Club Meetings (fellowships) for youth and children, Leadership Training, Weekly Radio Program, Children’s Workers Training, Life Skills Education, Peer Educators’ Training, and Values Promotion Education.

    • Youth and Children's Ministry

      SU Eswatini commits to bringing the Bible to life and introduces the next generation to faith in Jesus. Engagement in our activities enables children to come to a personal faith, encourages them to grow in Christian maturity, and equips them to be committed members of the church and of society.

      We focus on youth and children as this is the most formative period of their lives. It is vital to reach them while the ‘clay is still soft’ – thus to shape an adult – is to reach a child. For God, children are a priority – and He indicates terrible consequences for anyone harming His children: ‘…it would be better that a millstone be hung around his neck and [he] be drowned in the depths of the sea’ (Matthew 18:6).

      The reason for the children’s and youth ministry focus is also because they are the very vital link in taking the Gospel forward into the next generation. They have so many years ahead of them. Just as Patrick Johnson observed that ‘If children’s work is neglected you lose the next generation. Ignore children and sacrifice the future.’

    Контактная информация

    • Головной офис

      Cnr Sir Robert Croydon Avenue/Honey Crescent
      PO Box B128

      Тел .: +268 2404 2846
      Моб: +268 7603 8327

      • Лидерство

        Председатель: Senzo Ndabezitha

        Vice Chairman: Ncamibo Shongwe

        Казначей: Lindelwa Lukhele

        Национальный директор: Nompumelelo Nyawo

      • Members

        Member: Miss Nomphumelelo Nyawo

        Member: King Kunene

        Member: Simon Dlamini

      • Попечители

        Доверительный управляющий: Mphaya Smelane

        Доверительный управляющий: Nathi Gumede

        Доверительный управляющий: Ambrose Dlamini

        Доверительный управляющий: Zandile Mavuso

      • Персонал

        Field Work Coordinator: Вакантный

        Office Clerk: Khanyisile Mlotsa

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    • Религии

      Zionist 40%, Roman Catholic 20%, Muslim 10%, Other 30%

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    • Официальные языки

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