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    • Children and Young People

      Our work with children and young people are the highlights of our ministry and activities in SU Laos. We are known for our Sunday school teacher’s training and we travel to many provinces to lead this. In one year we ran the training more than seven times, giving training to more than 400 teachers. SU’s outreach programs are also well known in Laos and we use the Christmas period, birthday parties or any occasion to gather children together and share the Gospel with them. Every year over 2,000 children hear the Gospel and last year more than half of these made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. Children also enjoy our camps and many churches invite us to lead camps for their children, which are a blessed time for everyone involved.

      We also lead Bible Reading Method (BRM) training for young people in churches and in our camps. Many churches invite our staff to help them to teach young people about devotions during their quiet times of reading the Bible and praying. We thank God that we can have this opportunity to help the young people to grow in maturity with God through His Word.

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