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Ministry Snapshots

  • General Activities

    SU Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) engages in various activities including: the Production and Distribution of Bible Reading Material in churches and schools, Holiday Bible Clubs, Camps for youth and children, Community Rallies, School Assembly Outreaches, Establishment of weekly in-school and Community Club Meetings (fellowships) for youth and children, Leadership Training, Weekly Radio Program, Children’s Workers Training, Life Skills Education, Peer Educators’ Training, and Values Promotion Education.

  • Youth and Children's Ministry

    SU Eswatini commits to bringing the Bible to life and introduces the next generation to faith in Jesus. Engagement in our activities enables children to come to a personal faith, encourages them to grow in Christian maturity, and equips them to be committed members of the church and of society.

    We focus on youth and children as this is the most formative period of their lives. It is vital to reach them while the ‘clay is still soft’ – thus to shape an adult – is to reach a child. For God, children are a priority – and He indicates terrible consequences for anyone harming His children: ‘…it would be better that a millstone be hung around his neck and [he] be drowned in the depths of the sea’ (Matthew 18:6).

    The reason for the children’s and youth ministry focus is also because they are the very vital link in taking the Gospel forward into the next generation. They have so many years ahead of them. Just as Patrick Johnson observed that ‘If children’s work is neglected you lose the next generation. Ignore children and sacrifice the future.’

  • In Schools

    We work with all willing schools across the Eswatini, providing pupils with opportunities that build personal relationship with God and help them make best choices in life. Our programs also aim at equipping young people with good life skills. Activities that we do in schools include:

    • S.U. clubs (Bible reading, prayers, outreaches, open air)
    • Conduct morning chapels
    • Provide reading materials (Bibles, Closer to God, Daily power, etc)
    • Counseling
    • Mentorship and Discipleship programs
    • Life skills training
    • Train prefects and other leaders
    • Train on study skills and exam prep.
    • Staff development
    • Missioners and volunteers
    • Recreational activities
    • Charity and giving
    • Farewell functions

  • In Churches

    Scripture Union is not a church, but an arm of the church. Our programs assist churches and close gaps that churches are unable to close. SU is interdenominational and we embrace diversity. We work with church in different areas including:

    • Provide theology scholarships through the help of SUI
    • Training Sunday School teachers
    • Organising pastors and leaders seminars
    • Developing along-siders and mentors.
    • Conducting outreach activities.
    • Distribute Bibles and other reading materials.

  • In Communities

    In Eswatini, we still have a large percentage of children and youth who are unable to attend schools for many reasons like teenage pregnancy, poverty and dropping out. As a movement, we take it as our responsibility to make efforts to reach out to those children and young people with the good news. Above that, where possible, we intervene through charity and other life skills programs.

    • Intervene in social ills
    • Charity
    • Provide Life Skills programs
    • Organise holiday clubs/ meetings
    • Sports and recreational activities
    • Counselling programs
    • Solvers initiatives

  • In Families

    All people come from families. Though children and young people are our primary target, we cannot leave out their relatives. The gospel of Jesus christ must reach each and every homestead. For families, our activities include:

    • Home visits/ outreaches
    • Home cells / prayer meetings
    • Family devotion books
    • Counseling

Contact Details

  • Head Office

    Cnr Sir Robert Croydon Avenue/Honey Crescent
    PO Box B128

    • Leadership

      Chairperson: Mrs Noxolo Zwane-Mngometulu

      Vice Chairman: Dr Thokozani Nkambule

      Treasurer: Mr Senzo Mdlovu

      National Director: Mr Senzo Ndabezitha

    • Additional Board Members

      Member: Mr Sicelo Dlamini

      Member: Miss Nokuthula Kunene

      Member: Mr Nkosinathi Makhabane

    • Board of Trustees

      Trustee: Dr Mphaya Simelane

      Trustee: Mr Nathi Gumede

      Trustee: Mrs Zandile Mavuso

      Trustee: Mrs Happiness Mkhatjwa

      Trustee: Miss Nompumelelo Nyawo

    • Staff

      National Director: Mr Senzo Ndabezitha

      Office Clerk: Mr Nhlakanipho Mncube

      Field Work Coordinator: Vacant

  • Hhohho Region

    • Mbabane Branch

      Chairperson: Mrs Pholile Mkhumane

      Secretary: Mrs Nozipho Dlamini

      Coordinator: MrYatisoMasina

    • Lobamba Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant


    • Mayiwane Branch

      Chairperson: Mr Mamba

      Secretary: Miss Zikalala

      Coordinator: Mr Ncabeni Shabangu

    • Mnyokane Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant

      Coordinator: Vacant

    • Ntfonjeni Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant

      Coordinator: Vacant

  • Shiselweni Region

    • Nhlangano Branch

      Chairperson: Mr Prince Macu

      Secretary: Mrs Ncobile Ngwenya

      Coordinator: Mr Mkhonta

    • Hlatikulu Branch

      Chairperson: Mr Mongie Mavuso

      Secretary: Mr Siphiwosakhe Manyatsi

      Coordinator: Mr Qiniso Maphalala

    • Mhlosheni Branch

      Chairperson: Mr Sakhile Sihlingonya

      Secretary: Mr D. Ndlangamandla

      Coordinator: Vacant

    • Mbulungwane Branch

      Chairperson: Mr Sifiso Shongwe

      Secretary: Miss Happiness Dlamini

      Coordinator: Mr Vusi Myeni

    • Gege Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant

      Coordinator: Vacant

    • Lavumisa Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant

      Coordinator: Vacant

  • Manzini Region

    • Mankayane Branch

      Chairperson: Mr Zweli Motsa

      Secretary: Mr Sibusiso Sethu Mavuso

      Coordinator: Mr Bhembe

    • Mankayane Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant

      Coordinator: Vacant

    • Luve Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant

      Coordinator: Vacant

    • Usuthu Branch

      Chairperson: Vacant

      Secretary: Vacant

      Coordinator: Vacant

  • Lubombo Region

    • Siteki-Top Branch

      Chairperson: Mr Bhekumizi Mkhabela

      Secretary: Miss Sandzisiwe Lukhele

      Coordinator: Mr Forerunner Hlatjwako

    • Mhlume Branch

      Chairperson: Mr John Nyoni

      Secretary: Mr Bhekile Mncina

      Coordinator: Mduduzi Mncina

    • Bigbend Branch

      Chairperson: Mr T. Mavimbela

      Secretary: Mrs P. Mamba

      Coordinator: Mrs Cebile Ntjangase

    • Sithobela Branch

      Chairperson: Mrs Nomcebo S. Mamba

      Secretary: Mr Moses Nkambule

      Coordinator: BhekiGamedze

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  • Religions

    Zionist 40%, Roman Catholic 20%, Muslim 10%, Other 30%

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