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    • Annual Bible Competition

      Scripture Union Bulgaria has run a competition for Bible knowledge and awareness for six consecutive years. The tournament is held under the title, “There was a book in His hand…”

      Every team, consisting of four participants, is coached by an adult youth leader whose task is to motivate, train and prepare their team for the competition. Usually, every team invests at least half a year of study over the Old and the New Testaments, working out of a preliminary syllabus issued by the organisers a year before the competition. In four rounds, the teen teams demonstrate extraordinary knowledge of the Biblical text. The questions for every round are carefully planned by a team of six Bible teachers and theologians.

      The main concept of the annual Bible Competition is to generate interest and passion for God’s Word among teenagers, as well as to unite youth at the foot of the Cross. Whatever the denominational, regional, personality or age differences, we as organisers feel that it is important to develop a culture of oneness and accord around the Lord Jesus Christ. We began this competition on our own six years ago, but now many churches, denominations and organizations are involved in the preparation and in carrying it out.


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