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      It was in 2013 that SU Solomon Islands (SUSI) endorsed and adopted a new ministry activity called KidsGames.

      The first KidsGames event was held in our capital city, Honiara, in 2013 with the help of Eddie Omokirio, one of our volunteers. The Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs officiated at the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony with the medal presentation.

      Since then we have organised three KidsGames events; one at the Central Islands Province capital Tulagi and two in Honiara City. Three Sports Leadership Level 1 trainings were conducted for about forty participants. This year, we held one Sports Leadership Training for our volunteers; two will be going to Fiji in September to attend Level 2 Training.

      The partnership of SUSI with The Sports Coalition Solomon Islands Ministry has contributed to the strength and success of our KidsGames ministry activities.

      The South Pacific games will be held in the Solomon Islands in 2023. It is an international regional sports event. Therefore, as interest is escalating, we anticipate more training and KidsGames events in the years leading up to the 2023 South Pacific Games.


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      PO Box 294

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        Vorsitzender: John Hugo

        Schatzmeister: Vakant

        Sekretär: Kenneth Kuni

        Nationaldirektor: Nathan Mautai

        Mitarbeiter: Gibson Langani

        Volunteers: Lionel Sade

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