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      SU Zimbabwe has responded to the call of one of the most marginalised communities in the world – the children living on the streets – through the provision of a number of services in two of the provinces in Zimbabwe (Masvingo and Bulawayo Provinces). This initiative is known as Thuthuka in Bulawayo and Chiedza in Masvingo – both names speaking into transformation and empowerment of children on the streets.

      The provinces are running Contact / Drop In Centres where children living on the streets access an array of services. Bulawayo has been running a place of safety for some years now and Masvingo launched this intervention in 2016.

      The aim of these initiatives is to contribute to the reduction of the number of children living on the streets. Due to the decade long economic challenges compounded by negative impacts of HIV and Aids and many other social ills on families and communities, increasing number of children and young people have found themselves going to live on the streets for survival.

      Many children have been assisted through these interventions and they have testimonies of thankfulness to God.


    • Hauptsitz

      23 Selous Avenue

      • Führung

        Vorsitzender: Brian Magwenzi

        Vizevorstand: Brian Magwenzi

        Committee Member: Mercy Chiramba

        Nationaldirektor: Samuel Cecil Kalizi

        Schatzmeister: Vakant

        Assistant Director Finance & Administration: Mrs Lizinnet Chirenje

      • Provincial Coordinators

        Bulawayo: Miss Sikholiwe Ncube

        Harare: Rev. Satchmore Mugugu

        Manicaland: Rev. Maxwell Ngove

        Mashonaland East: Mr Albert Muzondo

        Mashonaland West: Mr Pardon Rashai (volunteer)

        Masvingo: Mrs Ndinatsei Sithole

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