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The story of Scripture Union

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Our Stories

the gift of a book

An art competition publicised through local Christian radio has been helping children in Timor Leste hear more about God’s Big Story and how each of them can be a part of it. When Scripture Union staff went to congratulate the young winner, Zilton, who had come third in the competition, they brought a smile to…
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being part of a caring community

Jacob had doubts over his faith and wasn’t ready to talk about it with others. But through becoming part of a caring Christian community with other young people on a Scripture Union camp with SU New South Wales in Australia,  he found a new identity and confidence which changed his life.
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A window of hope: from El Salvador

How do children find a way out of gang violence, exploitation and trafficking? So many feel trapped and hopeless, but Scripture Union in El Salvador is working to bring hope. Josue Canton explains that, “through a hug, a prayer, a word, they could feel that not all is lost, that there is hope, and that…
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