Some of the completed projects and their impact on young people

Over the past year or so we have seen great strides taken by SU movements which have successfully launched and run a number of projects that have helped create funds and had a big impact on helping expand their ministry with children and young people.


Self-sustaining campsite in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe the Scripture Union team is thankful for all those who have supported their campsite development, which enabled them to launch a food production program on their agricultural land.

Although the work is ongoing, SU Zimbabwe have already experienced a marked increase in the number of children using the campsite, all helped by the improvements and investment in its facilities.

Zimbabwe crops
Zimbabwe thatch

National Director of SU Zimbabwe, Samuel Kalizi said: “We have also been able to attract new clients from schools and churches. The project has improved the financial position of SU Zimbabwe and this has enabled us to reach more schools in unreached areas.”

Sam said the highly competitive pricing of their produce had helped them market their goods and engage more stakeholders. “Local communities are also allowed to use the campsite at discounted rates and this has enabled us to show that we are a community stakeholder in the Sanganayi Creek area, playing our part in many community activities.

Brave and free – for you and me in El Salvador

In El Salvador the Scripture Union team set up an anti-violence program with children and young people at risk from gang culture and violence. They are grateful that support for the program enabled them to bring young people together to share their stories in a safe space and discuss the issues and how to tackle them.

The SU designed workshops, run in partnership with Eben-Ezer Church, allowed children and adolescents to find tools and develop skills to face the challenges of violence in the community from a Bible-based perspective.

El Salvador  small
El Salvador 2 crop

Drawing on the experience of church leaders, SU leaders were able to help the children and young people broaden their appreciation, knowledge and care for their bodies and their own well-being.

The workshops also helped them to appreciate gender differences and understand the importance of valuing girls and boys equally.

Refurbishment at Stoney Ridge campsite in South Africa

The refurbishment of facilities at Scripture Union South Africa’s campsite has made a huge difference to the camping ministry at Stoney Ridge. The refurbished facility comes with a hall as a standalone house and enables them to run three separate camps at the same time.

The previous facility called ‘Barbra Gibson’ was a house with only bunkbeds designed for students and children. Now they are able to accommodate church leaders, parents and teachers and have landscaped the garden around the house.

South Africa 2 b4
south Africa 1 after

National Director for SU South Africa, Mariska de Beer, said: “We’re so grateful to all those who have supported the project which has enabled us to increase our revenue, and to reach more children and young people through our various programs. The building also brightens up the whole campsite and has given us the opportunity to use it as a marketing tool. We are grateful that we can envision a future with hope due to the financial sustainability this facility is providing.

Mariska de Beer said the feedback they have received had been extremely positive and uplifting. “We also hosted a group of 15 SU fieldworkers and Mission Enables as well as a number of teachers that took part in a two-day training event. It was great to be able to host them there all together, which resulted in more spontaneous conversations, team building and reflection on the training.”