with Scripture Union in South Africa and in Kenya

Developing resources that enable those with special needs to be included

Just £50 could provide 5 devotional videos

Children and young people with disabilities remain a hidden group in many countries, and it’s estimated less than 10 per cent of them are effectively reached with the gospel.
Scripture Union aims to address this issue and is seeking funding to develop ways to make resources and ministry more accessible to those with special needs.

Two national Scripture Union movements have begun setting up projects which focus on ministry among children and young people with special needs.

Scripture Union of Kenya has launched the iReach project, which aims to offer an inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment for children with special needs. Beginning with a research component, iReach will focus on enhancing accessibility,
a comprehensive support system, an inclusive sense of belonging, and compassion and sensitivity.

SU Kenya’s National Director, Ezekiel Baraza, said: “By fostering these values, iReach will enrich the growth and vibrancy of the faith community while ensuring that every child with special needs feels valued and supported on their spiritual journey.”

Scripture Union South Africa launched a project to raise funds to employ a Deaf staff member last year, with the aim of translating Scripture Union resources into SASL (South African Sign Language) videos and making them accessible to deaf children and young people.

The General Director SUSA, Mariska de Beer, who has experience in working with the deaf community, said: “By providing these resources in South African Sign Language, we are fostering inclusivity and creating a platform where the Deaf community can engage with the spiritual content in a way that resonates with their unique language and culture”.

Any funds donated here will help more Scripture Union movements to produce further materials to help children with varying needs hear about God’s Big Story and how they can be part of it.