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  • Overview

    Bibeln idag / Scripture Union Sweden was begun in 1965. The vision of Scripture Union Sweden is to help every Christian experience a growing, personal relationship with God through the Bible and prayer and to equip churches with resources for leading families, children, youth and adults to know and follow Jesus Christ.

    The focus of Scripture Union Sweden’s ministry is providing resources for greater Bible engagement for people of all ages and for those at all stages in the development of their faith – from curious outsiders and new believers to people who have followed Christ for many years.

  • Print Resources

    • Bibeln idag (“The Bible Today”), daily Bible reading notes written by a wide range of clergy and lay people from many different denominations in Sweden. Bibeln idag has been in print for more than 50 years and has more than 3000 subscribers.
    • Bibelguiden (“The Bible Guide”), a series of devotional commentaries suitable for personal study or use in a small group setting, written by young Christian leaders all under the age of 40. Ten volumes are currently available that cover 15 books of the New Testament. Seven more volumes are yet to be released.
    • Resan Genom Bibeln (“Big Bible Challenge”), a book suitable for family devotions based on the E100 Bible texts. Developed by Scripture Union in other countries and translated into Swedish.
    • Genom hela Bibeln (“Through the whole Bible”), a timeline of Bible chronology
    • Steg för steg (“Step by Step”), a pictorial survey of the whole Bible
    • Insteg (“First Steps”), a series of resources for people who are new to Bible study
    • Various other Bible study books

  • Bible Engagement

    Electronic Resources:

    • Bibelstund (“Bible Time”), an app (available from iTunes app store) developed in collaboration with Scripture Union Denmark. A wide variety of Bible reading plans with notes is available.

    Other Resources for Bible engagement:

    • Upptäckartärningar (“Discovery Dice”), two colourful plastic dice that make Bible study fun for people of all ages. Developed by Scripture Union Germany and produced in Swedish by Scripture Union Sweden.
    • Ingångar (“Entrances”), a fund card game that helps make Bible study a joy for the whole family. Developed by Scripture Union Germany and produced in Swedish by Scripture Union Sweden.
    • Skatten (The Treasure”), Sunday school material developed in collaboration with several other Christian organisations in Norway and Sweden.
    • Vandra genom Bibeln (“Walk Through the Bible”), a highly interactive way to grasp the big picture of the Old Testament, developed in collaboration with Walk Through the Bible USA.

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