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  • Camps / Holidays
  • Children & Youth Ministry Training
  • Holiday Activities
  • Internships
  • Neighbourhood Clubs
  • Online Ministry
  • Other Ministry Resources
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Schools Ministry
  • Special Needs Support
  • Values Education
  • Work with those 'at risk'
  • Ministry Snapshots

    • Schools Ministry

      We are very grateful that primary and secondary schools in Scotland largely remain open to the ministry of SU. Recently the Scottish government stated: ‘we recognise the substantial and enduring influence of the Christian faith in transforming and inspiring Scotland’s people and culture. Faith-based education and religious observance have an important part to play in the development of our young people’.

      It means SU groups run in about 17% of Scottish schools, with many more welcoming SU staff and volunteers into schools to lead events at Christmas and Easter. We are delighted by the growth of Bible Alive which takes children through an overview of the Bible story in six weekly lessons. One child commented ‘Every Thursday morning I just could not wait to get to school’.

    • Holidays Ministry

      SU Scotland Holidays (‘camps’) still attract around 2,000 children and young people each year at Easter, throughout the summer and in October. We are hugely blessed to have five sites which host most of these events. Three of these are also very busy throughout the rest of the year with school residentials.

      We faced decline in numbers at our Holidays after the year 2000 but the last few years have shown some reversal of the trend. Part of that is due to renewed conviction about the spiritual impact of residential ministry and partly it is varying the offering. We have increased the number of our Creative Arts camps (including Drama, Voice, Comedy) and we have introduced more specialised streams to our Activity camps (including Canoe Adventure, Mountain Biking and Sailing). We have also added some Family Camps to our more traditional list of events. The reversal of the trend in numbers is also partly it is due to new partnerships with more churches as well as enabling children with family members who are affected by imprisonment or refugee families to enjoy a holiday with us.

      We are deeply grateful for the influence of SU camps across Scotland. Regularly we meet people across the Christian Church in Scotland who remember attending SU camps. Young people often identify an experience at an SU camp as being fundamental to their coming to faith. We want to live up to that heritage, prayerfully seeking God’s guidance in all that we do.

    Contact Details

    • Head Office

      70 Milton Street
      G4 0HR

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Jim Dewar

        Treasurer: Sally Sydserff

        Chief Executive: Robin MacLellan

        PA to CE: Gail McLay

        Director of Development: Jackie Ringan

        Director of National Ministries: Dave Rickards

        Director of Centres: Paul Bayton

        Chief Financial Officer: Lisbeth MacMillan

      • Head Office Staff

        Prayer & Church Partnerships Coordinator: Elizabeth McDowall

        IT Coordinator: Noel Slevin

        Human Resources Manager: Jane Lloyd

        Support Development Manager: John Mowat

        Communications and Marketing Manager: Gillian Aitken

        Finance Manager: Susan Wylie

        Holidays Manager: lan Myles

        Assistant Holidays Manager: Graeme Stangoe

        Volunteers Manager: Janice Aitken

        Volunteers Administrator: Alastair Colquhoun

        Gap Year Coordinator: Kirsten Thomson (volunteer)

        Young Leaders Development Coordinator: David Clipston

      • Lendrick Muir Staff

        Centre Director: Marek Homoncik

        Asst Facilities Manager: Andy Walker

        Office Manager: Ruth Stothard

        Schools Programme Manager: Rachel Luxton

        Activities Manager: Fraser Morrison

        Catering Manager: Rhoda Broadley

        House Manager: Louise Slowman

      • Alltnacriche Staff

        Operations Manager: David Moss

      • Gowanbank Staff

        Centre Directors: Sylvia Campbell & Colin Campbell

      • Regional Ministries Team

        Team Leader (East): Angus Moyes

        Team Leader (West) (interim): Carol Baird

        Team Leader (North): Gordon Roy

      • Regional Workers

        Borders: John Allan

        Dumfries and Galloway: Owain Evans

        Dundee & Angus: Susie Ford

        East & West Dunbartonshire: Craig Morris / Jenny Hamill

        North East & Shetland Isles: Cheri Young / Pamela Sloan

        Highlands and Islands: Colin Carmichael

        Renfrewshire, E Renfrewshire, Inverclyde & Argyll: Jenny Hamill / Lynn Hamilton

        Ayrshire: Carol Baird

        Perth, Kinross & Fife: Bruce Lockhart

        Stirling and Clackmannanshire: Gordon Roy

        East and Midlothian: Vacant

        West Lothian and Falkirk: Gavin Thomson

        Edinburgh Schools Team: Zonya Bewick, Lesley Crawford

        Independent Schools East: Jenny Thomson

        Lanarkshire: Valerie Sim

        Glasgow: Craig Morris

        Independent Schools (West & Central): Lyndsey Cole

        Missions Development Manager: Tim Raynes

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