Scripture Union has a variety of specialist ministries all designed to help children, young people and families come to know Jesus Christ and to learn more about God through the Bible. The work is carried out through local people in ways that are appropriate to their country, culture and situation and include a whole range of ministries listed below from camps, holidays and school clubs to values education and Bible reading resources.

Current ministries

  • Bible Guides

    Both printed and digital

  • Bible Ministries

    Ways of helping people understand and engage with scripture

  • Bookshops

    Scripture Union resource centres and bookshops that also sell other general Christian publications and resources 

  • Broadcast Media Ministry

    Radio and podcasts

  • Camps / Holidays

    Residential activities for children, youth and families

  • Campsites / Conference Centres

    Campsites for Scripture Union groups and campsites / conference centres with permanent staff for use by SU and others

  • Children / Youth Ministry Training

    Training events and consultation

  • Holiday Activities

    Beach, holiday and church-based children, youth and family missions

  • Neighbourhood Clubs

    Locally based clubs

  • Online Ministry

    Online Bible engagement

  • Other Ministry Resources

    Printed and digital resources such as Sunday School and holiday club materials, safety and care guidelines, books and multimedia resources

  • Schools Ministry

    Including school groups and chaplaincy

  • Sports Ministry

    Including sports clubs and KidsGames

  • Work with those 'at risk'

    Abandoned boys, street, and orphaned children and youth

  • Work with those with special needs

    Those with disabilities and hearing impaired

  • Values Education

    Including Aid for AIDS and Lifeskills

  • Volunteer

    Scripture Union is primarily a volunteer organisation with a small number of staff who encourage, train and coordinate our many ministry workers worldwide

There are plenty of opportunities to give your time as a Scripture Union volunteer in your country. For more information please contact the National Movement in the country where you live. Click here to go to the Around the World section of this site.