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Ministry Areas

  • Bible Ministries
  • Children & Youth Ministry Training
  • Children's Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • Ministry in Churches
  • Regional Missions
  • Schools Ministry
  • Training for Parents & Educators
  • Youth Ministry
  • Ministry Snapshots

    • Children’s Ministry

      SU Singapore’s Children’s Ministry reaches out to children between 6–12-year-olds. We do this through regular programs held throughout the year.
      During the school holidays, churches in Singapore hold annual retreats and church camps for their members. We run our Holiday Trek Programs for children during this time, teaching them Biblical values through Bible stories and interactive sessions comprising games, praise and worship, and Bible study. In December, we also run an annual children’s camp (SUPA – SU Primary Age Camp) of our own for this purpose.

      We support mission schools and organizations in their Christian education programs. SU Singapore runs chapel programs in these schools and guides students in picking up Biblical values and attitudes. Good character formation is taught which serves as helpful pillars for later years in their lives.

      SU Singapore holds certification programs for Children’s Ministry workers and Sunday School teachers. Our Certification in Practical Children’s Ministry (CPCM) consists of a comprehensive six-month program that equips trainees with knowledge on children’s spiritual development, teaching techniques and classroom skills. We also run a training session for pastoral staff on “Handling Special Needs Children”.

    • Youth Ministry

      SU Singapore’s Youth Ministry holds regular programs throughout the year. These are aimed at youths between 13-19 year olds and towards ministry workers and volunteers.

      SU Singapore runs Holiday Youth Programs for churches during the annual church retreats or youth camps. These programs aim to equip the participants with Biblical knowledge on growing their Christian character and encouraging them to live a life pleasing to God.

      Singapore’s Youth Ministry also supports mission schools and organizations run their chapel programs. In addition, it works with students and ministry workers through programs like the “We-Can” program, designed to help youths build self-motivation, confidence and most importantly Biblical character.

      The Certificate in Practical Youth Ministry (CPYM) training aims to equip youth ministry workers and leaders with the core essential areas – knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand Biblical principles and basic practices needed to reach and raise the next generation of youth to become agents of God’s transformation in the world.

      During the school holidays, SU Singapore hosts youth camps and provide training for youth pastors, volunteers and ministry workers. Throughout the year, students get to learn the Gospel through [email protected] (Scripture Union @ Christian Fellowship) groups. In addition, SU Singapore organises an annual Bible conference/webinar for the community.

    Contact Details

    • Head Office

      7 Armenian Street
      #03-07 Bible House
      Singapore 179932

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Mr Arnold Khoo

        Vice Chairperson: Mr Chris Chan

        National Director: Mr Lim Yu Ming

        Head – Children’s Ministry: Rev. Flora Chew

        Senior Executive – Youth Ministry: Mr Luke Zachary Ng

        Executive – Children’s Ministry: Ms Monica Sham

        Executive – Accounts: Ms Lilis Lim

        Executive – Youth Ministry: Ms Dorcas Liu

        Associate – Youth Ministry: Ms Suzanne Lee

        Associate – Children’s Ministry: Ms Maryjane Yong

        Associate – HR and Volunteer Management: Ms Teng Siok Kiang

        Associate – Administration: Ms Kathy Yeo

        Corporate Communications: Ms Fu Wan Yu

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