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    • Schools

      Since the early 1950s, SUNI has been supporting and resourcing SU groups in schools, with around 1,000 teachers and other leaders involved in running over 250 voluntary groups meeting at lunchtime or after school in communities that are Bible-based, discipleship-oriented and mission focused.  The commitment, faith and dedication of pupils and teachers in these Primary, Post-Primary and Special School communities is a real inspiration.  Their stories are too numerous to recount, but we thank God for the incredible impact they have on the lives of so many.

      Since the early 2000s, God has grown our opportunities in schools even further, particularly through development of the E3 Schools’ Projects locally.  Backed up by local support teams, our E3 Workers throughout the country not only engage with and equip schools themselves through assemblies, RE lessons and supporting SU groups, but also work alongside churches in seeking to empower them to think more deeply about how they can support, serve and speak into their local school communities.

    • Camps and Missions

      In Northern Ireland we organise a programme of over 40 Camps and Missions which take place throughout the country. These are fantastic opportunities to share God’s Good News with over 6,500 children and young people each year.  These activities can only take place through the incredible commitment and passion of around 1,200 volunteers who create engaging, vibrant environments for children and young people to engage with God’s Word.

    • Training & Resources

      Training & Resources is part of the DNA of Scripture Union NI. We want to train and resource the local church in our joint mission of making God’s Good News known to children, young people and families. We do this through a variety of training (e.g. for Pupil Leaders, Camps & Missions Volunteers etc) and through resources we produce centrally (e.g. RE lessons, assemblies, empowering churches workshop for School Ministry etc.) in order to resource Schools Ministry, Camps & Missions and the Local Church.

    Contact Details

    • Head Office

      157 Albertbridge Road
      BT5 4PS
      Northern Ireland
      United Kingdom

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Barbara McDade

        Honorary Treasurer: John Cubitt

        General Director: Damian Wharton

        Finance and Operations Manager: Ian McAvoy

      • Head Office Staff

        Field Ministries Director: Leanne Dunlop

        Volunteer Coordinator: Jonathan Parkes

        Communications Coordinator: Stuart Newburn

        PA to the General Director: Joanne Coulter

        Finance Administrator: Jill Simpson

      • Schools

        Ministry Manager: Mark Moorhead

        Support Coordinator: Anita Conkey

        E3 Schools Workers: Ruth Dalzell, Rachel Miller, Rachel Tweedie, Joel Hutchinson, Sarah Coghlan, Andrew Neill, Sarah Emerson, Caroline Sleator, Rebekah Ravey, Alastair McFarland

      • Camps & Missions

        Staff: Kathy Craig

      • Training & Resources

        Staff: Phil Howe, Rachel Sheppard

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