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Ministry Areas

  • Work with those 'at risk'
  • Contact Details

    • Head Office

      34 McDonnell Street
      Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Ronald Devenish

        General Director: Vacant

        Treasurer: Ronald Devenish

        Secretary: Anne-Marie Harry

        Prayer Director: Vacant

        Evangelism: Marilyn Crichlow

        Children’s Coordinator: Barbara Ramcharan

        Bible Reading Ministry: Vacant

        Bible Reading Coordinator: Ingrid Hanson

        Office Administrator: Vacant

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    • Population


    • Religions

      Roman Catholic 26%, Protestant 25.8%, Hindu 22.5%, Muslim 5.8%, Other Christian 5.8%, Other 10.8%, Unspecified 1.4%, None 1.9%

    • Population under 15


    • Official languages