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    Our Bible Club ministry takes place in Public Schools, where we are allowed to teach children principles and values essential for life, based on the Word of God and applied in their daily lives. Classroom teachers have witnessed how God has changed many pupils. More than fifty volunteers help us each week. We prepare them with a value based on Scripture and a song to teach the children. This is further reinforced with a workbook that provides questions related to the lesson and pictures to colour. We are grateful that several children have committed their lives to Christ and are currently being discipled by SU leaders.

    The ministry focuses on mainstream Infant care, Primary and Middle school children. Each volunteer is prepared to teach the grade level he or she is assigned by authorities. In Primary classrooms we follow a booklet called “I defend my convictions” and in the Middle school we use the “Anti-Virus” program.

    God has been faithful in providing for all our needs.

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