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    • Scripture Union Uganda

      Scripture Union has been a leader of children’s ministries for more than 50 years within Uganda. Working with both churches and schools, Scripture Union Uganda (SUU) is engaged in evangelism and discipleship of children and young people through school clubs, camps, and Bible Ministries among others. In their desire to counteract the moral decline and guide young people of all faiths, SUU initiated a Values Education Class (VEC) code-named ‘VOICE’ to mean Values Orientation in Classroom Education.

      Volunteer VEC teachers are sent primarily from Christian churches to teach God’s standards of righteousness in classrooms of both Primary and Secondary schools once a week for 6 weeks during each of the three school terms. The VEC curriculum is Biblically based and it uses story-telling as its primary teaching method and is combined with a full-coloured visual aid book. VEC incorporates music and activity sheets to further engage the students. Feedback from school administrators, classroom teachers, parents, volunteer VEC teachers, and the students themselves is revealing the program’s effectiveness.

      Generally speaking, Ugandan schools welcome spiritual input from the community for their students. Thus, one of the most strategic ways to teach God’s standard of righteousness is to offer the schools a structured, non-sectarian and an effectively proven values’ teaching program.

      Students showing spiritual interest can be channelled into the Scripture Union Club and or a nearby Bible-believing church for further teaching and nurturing. Following the six-week VEC, supporting churches are then tasked with the follow-up of students who are asking for a visit, including a visit with their parents/guardians.

    • School Programs

      SU Uganda is currently running a series of programs in over 3,970 Primary and Secondary schools and reaching more than 476,000 Children and Youth annually primarily under three Core Ministries of: Evangelism, Discipleship and Values Education Classes. In these ministries SUU staff and Volunteers conduct a number of activities including:

      • Establishing Discipleship Bible clubs
      • Evangelism through Evangelistic School visits and missions
      • Weekend and Residential camps and Conferences
      • Life skills education sessions – (HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs)
      • Values Education Classes
      • Showing the Jesus Film
      • Training Christian teachers and student leaders in servant leadership and discipleship programs
      • Producing Devotional materials for all ages to promote individual Bible Reading.
      • Making Christian literature for Children, youth and adults at subsidized costs available
      • Family Ministries such as conducting parenting and Marriage seminars.

    Contact Details

    • Head Office

      PO Box 14231

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Dr Kedrace Turyagyenda

        Vice Chairperson: Dr Fred Muhumuza

        Secretary: Simon Peter Mukhama

        Treasurer: Pr. Jjemba Brian

        National Director: Dickens Zziwa Ssenyonjo

      • Head Office Staff

        Administrator: Joshua Magada

        Development Secretary: Samuel Turyahikayo

        Literature Secretary: Esther Agnes Nabirye

        Accountant: Maria Nankanja

        Missionary: Beth Baleke

      • Ministry Regional Coordinators

        Central Region: Jude Zziwa

        Northern Region: John Owora

        North-Western Region: Joshua Anguyo

        South Western Region: Enos Bakunda

        Eastern Region: Gideon Nyomurosu

        Mid-Western Region: Grace Katwesigye

        North Western Region: Vacant

        Central Region: Junior Kabanda

        South Western Region: Vacant

        Eastern Region: Vacant

        Mid Western Region: Vacant

        Northern Region: Vacant

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