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Scripture Union Ireland’s NUA Film Series is an innovative resource for youth leaders and those involved in youth ministry or young adult ministry.

The eight-part series (which each last approximately 15 minutes each) tackles the tough questions of faith like suffering, faith and science, the credibility of the Gospels, the resurrection and the history of the Christian Church.

Executive Producer, Jonny Somerville said, “NUA gives people the tools to discuss their worldview with credibility and confidence, while encouraging them to wrestle with the things that just don’t seem to make sense. This film series is about impact — immediate and personal, as well as the long-term, life-changing experience of working out a personal faith. More than anything, NUA is a fresh learning experience. It comes from many years spent with young people, listening to their questions. Doubt is the result of an active, engaged mind interested in seeking truth — something we love to see. So, we set out to help young adults dig deeper as they explore faith and spirituality.”

The NUA Film Series is the first of its kind for Scripture Union and took three years to complete. Filmed in three locations - Ireland, Israel and the USA - the series is ideal for churches, youth groups and university groups. It also works as a great follow on to Alpha.

Why NUA?

NUA / nu: ʌ / noo-ah / Language of origin: Irish Adjective, meaning “new”.

“We’re taking an honest look at questions many of us have about Jesus, the Bible, and what it means to be a Christian. It’s a fresh perspective, a different conversation — created in Ireland, hosted by an Irishman. It’s new and it’s Irish, so we’re calling it NUA. It’s as simple as that, really,” says Jonny.

The films have been made as internationally accessible as possible. NUA hopes to be a blessing to all of the Scripture Union Movements around the world. Scripture Union USA, Canada, Finland, Scotland, England and Wales, New Zealand and Australia have all began to use the resource in their countries. NUA has also begun translating the films into Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Portuguese and Slovakian. They hope to partner with many other SU’s to include many other languages.

A trailer of the films can be viewed here:

With Episode 1 called, ‘How Did We Get Here?’

Email Jonny Somerville, the host of NUA, at [email protected] for more information.