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    • Summer Camp

      SU organises a summer camp every year for children and youth between the ages of 8-18. This is the outworking of a beautiful collaboration between several Christian organisations. These young people, sent to us by two Food Bank organisations, are all from disadvantaged and non-Christian backgrounds.

      This Summer we sponsored fifty young people, thanks to the generosity of several donors.  Every year these youth tell us that they always feel welcome, loved, and respected, and that the Christian values we share changes their lives. Many return to camp year after year, and this summer two of the returnees, participated as assistant-instructors.

      The typical camp day begins with a short, dynamic teaching on Biblical values and then the young people go to designated activities e.g. sports, paint ball or outdoors activities.

      A call to accept Jesus is given on the last day of camp and many accept Him for the first time.  Everyone leaves with a Bible and Christian comic books.  These are great tools used by the Lord to further His work in their hearts once they are home.

      We feel privileged to be able to contribute to the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the lives of this rising generation.

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