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Ministry Areas

  • Bible Guides
  • Bible Ministries
  • Bookshops
  • Broadcast Media Ministry
  • Camps / Holidays
  • Children & Youth Ministry Training
  • Children's Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • Guest House
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Leadership Development
  • Lifeskills Education
  • Neighbourhood Clubs
  • Other Ministry Resources
  • Resource Centre
  • Schools Ministry
  • Conferences / Rallies
  • Contact Details

    • Head Office

      Yakubu Gowon Way
      PO Box 1413

      • Leadership

        National Chairperson: Elder Joshua Maikori

        National Vice-Chairperson: Dr Oliver Ndam

        National Treasurer: Mrs Elizabeth Payi

        National Director: Gideon Mbaakaan Chimmin

        National Legal Advisor: Barr. Pius Akubo, SAN

      • Directors

        Director of Administration: Mrs Efe Debi Omorebokhae

        Director of Monitoring, Evaluation & Research: Mr Gideon M. Chimmin

        Director of Finance & Funds Mobilisation: Mr Danlami B. Otsa

        Director of Works: Mr Francis Okolo

        Director of Aid for Life: Mr Zakka Ali

        Director of Resource Development: Mr Philip Babarinde

        Director of Literature & Bible Ministries: Mr James Okpenge

        Director of Missions & Associates: Mr Samuel Loniola

        Director of Schools: Mr Godwithus Abolaji

      • North Central Zone

        Area Chairperson (Abuja State): Mr Austin Buoro

        Area Secretary (Abuja State): Ephraim Ngwam

        State Chairperson (Abuja State): Mr Femi Ijagbemii

        State Training Secretary (Abuja State): Ibia Godfrey

        State Chairperson (Benue State): Dr Sunday Ogili

        State Training Secretary (Benue State): Joseph Okhuoya

        State Chairperson (Kogi State): Pastor Kennedy Olugbemi

        State Training Secretary (Kogi State): Wormi Peter

        Area Chairperson (Nasawara State): Abah Daniel Ogbole

        Area Secretary (Nasawara State): Irimiya Ayuba

        State Chairperson (Niger State): Bro. Daniel Alhassan

        State Training Secretary (Niger State): Umoru Baba Inalegwu

      • North East Zone

        Area Chairperson (Adamawa State): Sunday M. Sabo

        Area Secretary (Adamawa State): Olorunshomo Joseph Kehinde

        State Chairperson (Adamwa State): Mr P. Bakari

        State Training Secretary (Adamwa State): David Agbidiye

        State Chairperson (Bauchi State): Mr Hussaini Makeri

        State Training Secretary (Bauchi State): Iyua Vaungwa E.

        State Chairperson (Borno State): Engr Mshelia

        State Chairperson (Gombe State): Mr Erastus Sulai

        State Training Secretary (Gombe State): Joshua Usman

        State Chairperson (Taraba State): Mr Habilla Danladi

        State Training Secretary (Taraba State): Tushima Famen

        Area Chairperson (Yobe State): Yohanna .Y. Balami

        Area Secretary (Yobe State): Stephen Yilman

        State Chairperson (Yobe State): Iliya Garba

      • South East Zone

        State Chairperson (Enugu State): Mr Micheal Olaolu

        State Training Secretary (Enugu State): David Yildep

      • South South Zone

        Area Chairperson: Mr Chimezie Nwachukwu

        Area Secretary: Patrick Ochala

      • South West Zone

        Area Chairperson: Mr Segun Makanjuola

        Area Secretary: Jacob Akintunde Gbadero

        State Chairperson (Lagos State): Dr Joshua Zira

        State Training Secretary (Lagos State): Ajayi Funmilola

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