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Ministry Snapshots

  • Overview

    SU took its first steps in Portugal when Pr. Abel Rodrigues shared the vision of the ministry he had found in the Swiss Bible camps and evangelistic missions, and the desire to fulfil a similar work. In 1949 he organised the first Bible camp at Carrascal marking the beginning of this ministry in Portugal.

    Over the years, SU Portugal’s work has been diversifying and currently there are three main areas of ministry:

    • Publishing daily Bible reading notes for adults, youth & teenagers and children, thrice a year, for the elderly and Christians from Portuguese-Speaking African countries, published annually, and other inspirational and Christian study literature;
    • Bible Camps held at two biblical centres, one at Quintas do Norte (Ovar) and another at Carrascal (Sintra); and
    • Sports Ministry, which promotes value-based recreational and sporting events (KidsGames, TeenGames and FamilyGames’ activities & Max7, Ubabalo and ReadySetGo resources).

    In order to accomplish its mission, SU Portugal relies on a vast family of volunteers and a small staff team. SU Portugal has also been developing joint programs with several Christian ministries, such as Portuguese Bible Society, Child Evangelisation Fellowship Portugal and IFES Portugal.

Contact Details

  • Head Office

    Apartado 167
    EC Cova da Piedade
    P-2806-802 Almada

    • Leadership

      Chairperson: Fernando Barata

      National Leader: Pedro Silva

      Regional Director: Paulo Leite

    • Staff Workers

      Administration: Gina Valente

      Publishing: Rute Nunes

      Sports Ministry: Pedro Mateus

      Carrascal Campsite: Geraldo Gonçalves

  • Regional Office North

    União Biblica – Norte
    EC Município
    Apartado 4440,
    P-4007-001 Porto

  • Bible Camp Centre (Carrascal)

    Rua Principal, 7 - Morelinho
    P-2710-413 Sintra

  • Bible Camp Centre (Quintas do Norte)

    Quintas do Norte
    Rua da Capela 50 - Quintas do Norte
    P-3870-303 Torreira

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  • Religions

    Roman Catholic 79.5%, Protestant / Evangelical 2.8%, Other Christian 1.6%, Other (Jehovah’s Witness) 1.5%, Non-Christian Religions 0.8%, None 14.2%

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  • Official languages

    Portuguese and Mirandese