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Contact Details

  • Head Office

    Room 337, URC Building
    2123 España
    Sampolac, Manila

    • Leadership

      Chairperson: Maria Loudes A. Serrano

      Secretary: Daphne Ceniza Kuok

      Treasurer: Corazon V. Chan

      Council Member: Billy Goco

      Council Member: Emil Ricaforte

      Council Member: Lito Wang

      Council Member: Caloy Dino

      Executive Director: Elisha Lupo Martinez

      Office Staff: Corie de Leon

      Office Staff: Revie Flaviano

  • Postal Address

    PO Box 4442
    Manila CPO 1084

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All about Philippines

  • Population


  • Religions

    Catholic 82.9%, Muslim 5%, Evangelical 2.8%, Iglesia ni Kristo 2.3%, Other Christian 4.5%, Other 1.8%, Unspecified 0.6%, None 0.1%

  • Population under 15


  • Official languages

    Filipino and English