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    • Holzbauwelt

      Kids love our Holzbauwelt (Wooden Brick Construction Site) and build towers that are several meters high, portals, houses, city walls. There are no limits to the fantasy of the little architects and construction workers and together creative and unique buildings are made. The kids get to know constructions stories from the Bible and explore what the biblical stories mean for their life today and that God wants to get in contact with us through Jesus Christ.

      SU Germany has two sets of wooden bricks (a larger set with 60.000 wooden bricks and a smaller one with 45.000 wooden bricks) and both are booked out in advance for a long time. Our children’s ministry workers are invited by churches to come with one of our sets of wooden bricks for a variety of activities:

      • kids camps
      • vacation bible schools
      • one-day events
      • parent child weekends
      • as part of a larger event

      Usually we end a wooden brick construction site activity with a family church service that includes a spectacular collapse of all buildings.

    • kibi-Ferientreff

      Inspired by the beach mission of SU founder Josiah Spiers SU Germany began with holiday programs at the beach in 1970. Today kibi-Ferientreff takes place at seven different resorts at the Northern Sea (four on some of the East Frisian Islands and three on the mainland) where a lot of children hear about God’s love and for them and experience that reading the Bible can be quite exciting.

      The kids clubs are right on the beach when the weather is good and in a tent or inside a building when the weather isn’t too good. A kids club is full of songs, games, theater plays and stories from the Bible. After every kids club there’s the Bibel-Entdecker-Klub (Bible discovery club), where all children who are interested in getting to know the Bible better, sit together with a member of staff and read God’s word together. Apart from kids clubs there are also kids games, youth clubs and Good Night stories for the whole family.

      kibi-Ferientreff is organized in collaboration with local churches. The ministry is carried out not only by different members of SU Germany’s children’s ministry staff, but also by almost 100 volunteers each year.

    Contact Details

    • Head Office

      Bibellesebund e.V.
      Lockenfeld 2
      51709 Marienheide

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Andreas Utsch

        National Leader: Andreas Klotz

        Assistant to the General Management: Stefanie Schieber

        Business Manager: Karl Martin Günther

      • Head Office Staff

        Editors: Burkhard Meissner, Constanze Steffen, Christiane Schmidt, Kevin Stiewe, Katharina Würden-Templin

        Head of Publishing Department : Susanne Koch

        Project Coordinators: Susanne Weber, Renate Stahl, Kevin Stiewe, Katharina Würden-Templin

        Editorial Office: Iris Voss

        Media Design: Gisela Auth, Luba Siemens, Lukas Rampelt

        Public Relations: Benjamin Carstens, Thorsten Scholl

        Ordering Service: Bettina Hahn, Marita Brune

        Bookkeeping: Susanne Koch

        Address Administration: Christiane Marquardt

        Shipping Department: Peter Schumacher, Karin Schumacher

        Event Coordination: Friedemann Schmidt, Silke Voss

        SU Camps and SU Holidays Administration: Ines Raabe, Edeltraud Para

        Beach Mission Administration: Andrea Pfeiffer

      • Field Staff

        Head of Children’s Ministry: Harry Voss

        Children’s Ministry: Ruth Erichsen, Constanze Steffen, Daniel Knöss, Deborah Reinbold, Janosch Plavac, Jonathan Brützel, Samuel Wischmeyer

        Adults Ministry: Andreas Klotz, Ralf Mühe, Friedemann Schmidt

        Women’s Ministry: Anja Gundlach

        Family Ministry: Thorsten Schmidt

        Youth Ministry: Julia Beil, Kevin Stiewe

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