Scripture Union believes that every person is a unique human being created in the image of God and deserving of love and respect.

As an organization we believe:

  1. Every person should be physically safe. Therefore, we will ensure that appropriate procedures for preventing physical and sexual abuse and encouraging safe practice, are in place.
  2. Every person should be emotionally safe. Therefore, we will work to ensure that every person feels valued and included and his/her opinions heard and respected.
  3. Every person is unique in his/her range of abilities and pace of intellectual development, in his/her cultural and family background and in his/her faith and/or church background. Therefore, we will value individual differences and protect people from ridicule or bias. We will be sensitive to the cultural background of each person and in the way we relate to him/her.

SUI has a special concern for the wellbeing of children. Our Child Protection Policy is designed to reduce the risk of harm to children and vulnerable people and is available on request by contacting [email protected].

If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of a particular child, please contact our safeguarding lead Becky Swamickan [email protected].