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      • Trustees

        Trustee: Mr Apolosi Vosanibola

        Trustee: Ms Rokobua Naiyaga

        Trustee: Mr Usaia Tukana

      • Council

        Chairperson: Mr Sitiveni Kalou

        Vice-Chairperson: Mr Romulo Nayacalevu

        Secretary: Ms Teri Kempe

        Treasurer: Ms Latileta Qoro

        Legal Adviser: Ms Laurel Vaurasi

        Council Member: Mr Petero Cakau

        Council Member: Mrs Emi Rabukawaqa

        Council Member: Mr Mikaele Mudreilagi

        Council Member: Mr Semi Momoedonu

        Council Member: Mr Sake Tuivanuavou

        Council Member: Mrs Nancy Loaloa

        Council Member: Mr Patiliai Leqa

        Council Member: Mr Naca Tikoduadua

      • Staff

        National Director: Mr Nacanieli Tikoduadua

        Administrator: Mrs Luisa Radaveta

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    All about Fiji

    • Population


    • Religions

      Protestant 55.4%, Hindu 27.9%, Roman Catholic 9.1%, Muslim 6.3%, Sikh 0.3%, Other or Unspecified 0.3%, None 0.7%

    • Population under 15


    • Official languages

      English and Fijian