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    • Celebrating 50 years

      2016 was an exciting and faith-filled year. SU Papua New Guinea celebrated its 50 years with the theme of “Celebrating 50 years of God’s unending faithfulness”.

      We have focused on important aspects of our ministry by: promoting Bible reading guides; conducting a Leadership Workshop; having an Scripture Union Central Camp and Prayer March attended by students, volunteers, staff and Council, where we camped at the Secondary School where SU started 50 years ago in PNG; and running a beach mission at Ela Beach, in Port Moresby, where SU volunteers mobilised churches to feed the street kids and share the love of God to them.

      We have learned that God uses His people and the evangelistic tools to reach children and young people by trusting in Christ. The volunteers too are touched by God through SU’s activities. SU Papua New Guinea has come a long way through thick and thin. We have seen the hand of God, and know that He was the one who started this ministry for His purposes.

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      Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 69.4%, Baha’i 0.3%, Indigenous Beliefs and Other 3.3%

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