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Ministry Snapshots

  • Revealing Jesus

    Vision: We want to see a new generation of children and young people who have a vibrant, personal faith in Jesus.

    Mission: We create opportunities for children and young people to explore the Bible, respond to Jesus and grow in faith.

    Priority: Those who don’t yet know him!

    Since 2017, we have focussed on sharing the good news of Jesus with the 95% of children and young people across England and Wales who are not in church (the 95). In 2020 this led us to launch our Revealing Jesus strategy that brings together all we do behind the Revealing Jesus mission framework.

    Within this approach, Scripture Union Mission Enablers coach, equip and support volunteer Faith Guides in local churches to reach out into their community to create opportunities for the 95 to connect with Christians and their faith and, when appropriate, be helped to explore the Bible, to find out more about Jesus. At some point they may be encouraged to respond to Jesus with their whole lives, then join a worshipping community that helps them grow in faith in a way that is appropriate for the youngest generations. Faith Guides also have access to a Faith Guide Hub of digital and physical training modules and resources, to help them develop their roles and create the best faith journey for the 95. With their group of young people, Faith Guides can also attend holidays and events specially tailored for the 95.

    In this way the Revealing Jesus framework shapes all that we do as Scripture Union England and Wales across resource development, regional mission, and our holidays and missions – to help Faith Guides and the local church provide the best faith journey for the youngest generations.

    For more information go to the Revealing Jesus section of our website.

  • Global Resources

    Over the past few years, we have refocused our mission towards children and young people who are not connected with the church. More recently this has resulted in the launch of the Revealing Jesus mission framework across England and Wales.

    Alongside this focus, we remain committed to serve Scripture Union globally by enabling other Scripture Union national movements around the globe to re-publish our resources where, for most situations there are no fees or royalties. Hence helping the global Scripture Union community to fulfil its mission to the families, children and young people of our globe, through high-quality, faith- focused, and Christ-centred resources.

    Scripture Union National Movements can find more information on how to re-publish resources on the SU Global Extranet.

Contact Details

  • National Office

    Trinity House,
    Opal Court, Opal Drive,
    Fox Milne,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK15 0DF
    United Kingdom

    • Leadership

      Chairman: Richard Godden

      Honorary Treasurer: Kim Hurst

      National Director: Dave Newton

      Mission Development Director: Richard Shaw

      Mobilisation Director: Rachel Warwick

      Finance & Services Director: Sharon Esnard

    • Mission Development

      Head of Regional Mission: Ben Poch

      Head of Mission Event Operations Leader: Jo Morley

      Head of Development Hub: Gemma Willis

      National Sports Mission Team Leader: Mark Oliver

    • Support Services & Mobilisation

      Company Secretary: Sue Winning

      Financial Controller: Craig Macpherson

      Head of Digital Solutions: Mark Green

      Senior Comms & Marketing Manager: Eddie Nock

      Safeguarding Manager: Chloe Shivraj

  • North Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Rob Steward

      Mission Enablers: Geoff Brown, Neil Jackson, Lucy Pearson

      Revealing Jesus Pioneers: Nicola Findley, Kate Doogan, Ian Kent

      Support Worker: Sarah Howard-Smith

  • Central Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Domenico Conidi

      Mission Enablers: Hannah Legge, Matt Farley, Janine Parkinson

      Support Worker : Karen Quinney

  • South East Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Josh Booth

      Mission Enablers: Lisa Jones, Jenni Whymark, Pete Croall

      Support Worker: Tsvetelina Smale

  • South West Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Margaret Lilley

      Mission Enablers: Chris Eales, Toby Chant

      Revealing Jesus Pioneers: Eddie Howlett

      Support Worker: Tracy Jassal

  • Wales

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: John Settatree

      Mission Enablers: Jack Newbould, Keefe Owen

      Support Worker: Sian Ifan

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