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Ministry Snapshots

Contact Details

  • Head Office

    Trinity House,
    Opal Court, Opal Drive,
    Fox Milne,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK15 0DF
    United Kingdom

    • Leadership

      Chairman: Richard Godden

      Honorary Treasurer: Kim Hurst

      National Director: Myles MacBean

      Mission Development Director: Richard Shaw

      Mobilisation Director: Rachel Warwick

      Finance & Services Director: Stephen Vis

    • Mission Development

      Head of Regional Mission: Ben Poch

      Head of Mission Event Operations Leader: Jo Morley

      Mission Events Coordinators: Nai Mistry, Heidi Beckham

      Mission Partner Coordinator: Bex Jignasu

      Head of Development Hub: Gemma Willis

      Content Innovators: Maggie Barfield, Esther Calvert-Jordan, Leanne Sheppard

    • Support Services

      Company Secretary: Sue Winning

      Lead Accountant: Dave Parsons

      Safeguarding Manager: Rachel Settatree

  • North Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Rob Steward

      Development Worker: Geoff Brown

      Development Worker: Vacant

      Development Worker: Neil Jackson

      Development Worker: Lucy Pearson

  • Central Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Vacant

      Development Worker: Matt Farley

      Development Worker: Janine Parkinson

      Development Worker: Hannah Legge

  • South East Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Josh Booth

      Development Worker: Lisa Jones

      Development Worker: Jordanna Smith

      Development Worker: Jenni Whymark

  • South West Region

    • Regional Team

      Team Leader: Margaret Lilley

      Development Worker: Toby Chant

      Development Worker: Chris Eales

  • Wales

    • Regional Team

      National Mission Co-ordinator (Wales): John Settatree

      Development Worker: Jack Newbould

      Development Worker: Vacant

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All about United Kingdom

  • Population

    55,977,200 (England) 3,138,600 (Wales)

  • Religions

    Christian 59.3%, Muslim 4.8%, Hindu 1.5%, Other 2.1%, Unspecified or None 32.3%

  • Population under 15


  • Official languages

    English (England), Welsh & English (Wales)